February 9, 2018




N spiritual

Crown ting

You're Astounding

Sampa the Great (Sampa Tembo) is a poet and singer-songwriter. Expressing herself through music, poetry and visual art, Sampa captures listeners with soul provoking words and harmonies, while encouraging people to enj...

February 5, 2018


Deep inside the arc of your being there is an eye. This eye was born when you were born, and it will die when you die. This is the Fire Eye. When you see the world through this eye, you see a world of adventure, of excitement, of passion. When you see throu...

January 19, 2018

It is the Kundalini force, it is a fine etheric energy in the center of the spinal cord.

This current is pictured as a serpent coiled, which gives the driving force to man and to beast alike. Principles of corresponding energy lines in the body, based on the four e...

January 15, 2018

She has but doesn't possess,

acts but doesn't expect.

When her work is done, she forgets it.

And that is why it last forever.

Mystery and manifestations arise from the same source this source is called darkness.

Mystery is the source of understanding by definition, we canno...

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February 9, 2018

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